Friday, June 22, 2007

What would Karma do?

You try to do something nice and you get stabbed in the back. When I put in my notice at work I gave them extra days because I was trying to be nice. Treat others the way you want to be treated, right? In my opinion, if there is a difficult position to fill, Karma says you should give as much notice as possible. So I gave double the minimum: 30 days. And what did they do? Sat on my notice for two weeks and then panicked and finally hired someone 1 week before my last day.

Fine, instead of having time to wrap things up logically, I had to spend all my time training the worst hire imaginiable. And what happened? Three days before my last day, she quit. And then what happened? In panic-mode again and they hired the second runner-up candidate from the first round of interviews. I trained her the whole day on my last day, and then the first moment they were on their own, she didn't show up.

#3 fell off a barstool and rolled into work and then rolled right back out.

And me? I'm a schmuck. A putz? No, a freakin' IDIOT, that's what I am. I told them before I left that I was willing to come back and help out when I came back to town. Dan and I left to drive to Ohio on a Tuesday, it took until Sunday, then I was in Ohio for a few days, and then the plan was to come back to Oregon for two weeks beginning that Friday. So, since I'd be in town for a few weeks, sure . . . no problem. I'll come in and help out.

That was the first mistake. Karma should have told me I was begging for trouble. You can't be that nice to your previous employer that never once did anything for me, and all of a sudden expect an about-face.

So why bother? I guess I'll never learn; I want people to be inherently good, even when I know they're not. My logic is that I told them BEFORE I even left for Ohio, while I was still working, that I would only be visiting for a few weeks. So, logical thought-train you're supposed to follow: I had already officially moved + I am here with only a SUITCASE + all the rest of my stuff is in effing OHIO already + I am NOT Mary Poppins = I will return with a suitcase with limited space. But, apparently not as logical nor obvious as I suspected. Logical train of thought, my butt. You're supposed to hop on the train, not lay down in the tracks and get run over by it. Read on.

I went into work as arranged to help train #4. Ha. Train. Anyway. I was there for a few hours on Tuesday, and when I was leaving I asked if they wanted me to come back at all. "Call me tomorrow!" Tomorrow came and we arranged for me to come in on Thursday. So, I came back on Thursday. And did my best to do some catching up for them. We pre-arranged that I will go back one more time next Wednesday. "We miss you!" "We need you!" Yeah, don't forget the train.

And then today, after I left: I get a message from Miranda Priesley. "Thanks for all your help, we really appreciate it. And thanks for coming in next week to help train #4. Oh, and by the way, don't wear jeans. You have to follow the dress code." "That's all."

Like I have any other clothes I can wear. So if I'm going to go in, I have to go buy a new outfit. And I can't even call "Miranda" because she's on VACATION. So she gets the last word, and I get effed. And if I don't go in, then I'm a gunkie because I said I would, so I'm the one leaving them sh*t up a creek.

So basically I have three options: go in wearing jeans and leave a bad taste in their mouths because I didn't follow directions, don't go in and leave a bad taste in their mouths because I said I would and then I'm going back on what I said, or freakin' go buy a new outfit and freakin' bend over and take it up the butt.

Any votes? What would Karma do?

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