Monday, August 18, 2008


I recommend that you take a quick look at My Story.  It says a lot about me, how my mind works, and will help you decide if this blog is going to be of interest to you.  I'd say it's an outline of Me.

I love comments! If you have something to say, please don't hesitate to leave your thoughts. Sometimes I'll leave you a comment in response, so it's helpful to check the "Email follow-up comments to" box.

If you like what you see on my blog:
Please follow me by clicking the Follow button on the right. Although I have the best of intentions, I am not so great at reciprocating and commenting on other blogs.  Please don't be insulted if you don't get comments from me in return!  If you have something you think I'd enjoy and you leave the URL in a comment, I will absolutely take a look and leave a comment.  Otherwise, I'm pretty quiet as far as commenting goes.  But don't take that to mean that I'm not reading and enjoying your blog!
As a side note:  I don't mean to be a wet rag, but if your profile picture is not family-appropriate then I may have to, regretfully, block you.
I hope what I have to say is interesting to you. If you have a suggestion for a post, feel free to leave your idea in a comment.

Thank you so much for reading!

PS: I'm a recipient of the Superior Scribbler Award! August 24, 2009

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