The kiddos

Here they are, The Complete Works. Some of these have been done for a while, so I'm cheating a little bit by changing the date of this post. But this way no one gets left out.
In chronological order, from how long I've had them.
  1. Secret's story - my first cat, 1984-1998
  2. Gazelle's story - my first horse
  3. Blake's story - my after-college cat, named after the poet William Blake
  4. Bunny's story - my husband's cat
  5. Izzy's story - my dog, named after the character Eliza Doolittle
  6. Georgie's story - my husband's dog, named after the author George Bernard Shaw
  7. Ernie's story - the porch kitty that came inside, named after the writer Ernest Hemingway
All of our pets have tag lines.

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