Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ohio: The first week

Well, it's been one whole week. The hovel that is home is 80% clean, and a vast improvement from when I arrived. I have barely unpacked even one item, but there was a lot to do before I could even think about unpacking. The basement was supposed to be ready for me when I got her, but alas, I've done most of the work myself.

And it's been a lot of work!

I've cleared away most of the garbage, cleaned off the end table, the coffee table, and the desk that will be mine. Well, mostly anyway. But that's why I said 80%, not 100%. I also steam-cleaned the carpet down here. It no longer smells like cat sh*t, hooray! I don't know if it was a combination of basement-mustiness plus the fact that there are two litter boxes down here (I keep them very clean though!) or what, but it always stank when I came down. I guess it must have been the carpet (mostly) because now that I've steamed it, it smells a lot better. In fact, it smells pretty pleasant because I have a few air fresheners.

I took a trip to the Drug Mart the other day, and I'll I can say is that no one better be upset by any cards they receive from me from this day forward. In fact, I may just start screwing appropriateness and buying kiddie birthday cards for Mother's Day and get well soon cards for birthdays. I'll certainly run out of selection after one holiday because there are all of 20 cards in the whole store (okay, okay, I exaggerate. There's probably 21).

It was on the trip home from the Drug Mart that I decided I never want to drive at night again. To any true Oregonian, the thought of lightning bugs brings a smile to our faces. Seeing as we don't have them on the west coast, they are definitely a novelty. But guess what kids? Actually, they're not so cool. The stupid bugs like to hover right around a deer's eye-level, so they end up looking like an animal's eyes reflecting your headlights. I drove all the way home from the Drug Mart with my knuckles clenched at 10 and 2 because I was so paranoid about hitting a deer with Dan's dad's new-to-him truck. And here's a lucky twist! The closer I get to home, the greater the likelihood of hitting a deer! Or, better yet, a whole herd of deer!

And the bugs. Holy cow, there are bugs everywhere. And every single one of them is excited to hear there is a new, pasty, uncallused Oregonian in town. When I wear capris, they flock to me and worship the Willamette Valley rain that has kept me clothed for the past 28 years.

I feel so popular.

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