Friday, August 17, 2007

Our Pre-anniversary

We went to the Chophouse for dinner, and it was FANTASTIC.

I had filet mignon, which was excellent. I think I don't really have the stomach for rich foods, so I'll probably be paying for it (if you know what I mean) later, but I don't care. It was so good.

Yesterday was also part of the pre-anniversary celebration. We took the boat out after I got off work, and had a wild ride on the lake. It was so much fun. And sexy!! We were out in the middle, no one around for miles, so what else are you gonna do?

Go skinny dippin', of course!

Ha, I've only ever been skinny dipping once before this, and although it was fun, we were all like scared rabbits, so it kind of took the fun out. But yesterday the water was 76 degrees, so after the initial shock of jumping in, it was quite nice. Dan was totally paranoid about losing the boat, but I wasn't worried because it was a completely calm day, so I just enjoyed myself. Don't get me wrong though. "A calm day" is still pretty rough out on the water, so I definitely stayed close to the boat because I was bobbing around quite a bit. And Dan was making me laugh so hard that I had to hang on to the side of the boat.

He was hilarious when he jumped in the first time. He was completely naked, of course (I already said we were skinny dipping), but he looked so shocked (by the cold water) that it just cracked me up. His eyes got all big and round and he beat feet out of the water as quick as he could. But he had trouble getting up the ladder onto the boat, and he was naked and floundering around . . . hee hee! Of course, I wasn't laughing so much when the same thing happened to me; suffice it to say, when we get our boat we will make sure to have a way better ladder to get out of the water.

While Dan was swimming (before I jumped in) I heard a boat coming, so we totally had to rush into our clothes. But by then I had totally decided that I wanted to get in to say I'd skinny dipped in Lake Erie, so we just drove for a few minutes in the opposite direction, and re-stripped and then I jumped in.

It was the most exciting day I've had in a really long time.

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