Sunday, January 06, 2008

An Oregon Day

Today was a very Oregon Day.

The temperature was in the 50's, it was overcast . . . a very welcome change from the freezing-butt cold of the past few weeks. It was a one-coat day (rather than my usual 3 coats!). And a one-pair-of-pants day, too.

It really made me miss home though. And I'm not looking forward to the storm that is undoubtedly on its way (probably as I type). You know, the whole "Calm before the storm" idea. It's probably because I wrote that entry where I was all excited about the impending spring.

So it got all nice and warm and then it will hit me just when I least expect it.

Not that it's really that warm. I just mean, in comparison to how it's been: in the single digits! Guess it wouldn't hurt to check the forecast . . . Hmmm. They're forecasting 62 tomorrow. But snow by the weekend. It's coming, I know it is.

Did I already say I can't wait until spring?

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