Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reckoning again

Just to be clear:

I'm only just figuring out my blogging style. I've gone back through and tried fix things up a bit. For example, regarding my "I'll always remember . . . " entries: I don't know where I came up with that, but I love having entries about a specific memory. Sometimes I back-date the posting to try and more accurately reflect the event I'm talking about, and sometimes I don't. And I don't post anything to let you know that there is an new/old entry.

I guess that's my own fault . . . if I want people to actually read what I'm posting, I need to do it in a logical (i.e., chronological) fashion. So, I've decided I will not be back-dating any more "I'll always remember" entries. And part of my "fixing up" I was talking about involved changing all the titles of my "I'll always remember" entries to have a more descriptive title.

At any rate, about those "I'll always remember" entries: I don't know how to explain my impulse for writing them, perhaps you should all recall that I drive 45 miles each way to work. But I have a lot of thinkin' time each day! And, let's face it, the oddest things can spark your memory! That's why some of my them come years after the fact (e.g., "I'll always remember: the first time I rode Gazelle" posted October of 2007). The first time I ever rode Gazelle was somewhere in the vicinity of 1991. But, for whatever reason, I was thinking about it that day in October of '07.

As a writer, I'm a stickler for accuracy, and I do like having some entries actually posted on the day of the event, even though I might not be writing it until days, weeks, months, years afterward. But, that creates my aforementioned dilemma: how will anyone actually read it? I know it's too much to ask for people to constantly be scrolling backward to see if there are any new postings. Although, that being said, I think everyone should take a quick look through because I have added a lot of cute pictures. Who knows? Maybe you'll find some interesting reading too.

So, rather than back-date at all, since I recognize that it defeats the purpose of having a public diary, I'm going to start adding dates at the top of my entries. For the most part, I don't want the date in the blog title . . . it looks too cluttered for my taste. The only reason I'm even posting about this is because I guess it's my way of saying: the new thing I will be doing from now on of "dating" my entries with an obscure date is for myself only, to appease my "inner stickler" (thank you, Lynne Truss). And everyone else can either ignore or take note of my eccentricities (er, "back-dating" I should say) as you like.

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