Thursday, January 29, 2009

Surgery 1/29/09

Well, isn't that loverly?

Yes, I had surgery on my leg. Again! This is my second round for my varicose veins. With luck, it will also be the last!! Everyone always asks, and I don't mind answering, so here's the scoop:

Why: I get varicose veins due to my genetics.

What: The surgery is also called "stripping." It means they take the veins out. No, I don't need them. By the very virtue of the fact that it's a varicose vein it means it's not functioning properly. The way my surgeon explained it to me: any vein that you can see through your skin, you don't really need. Now, he was being reassuring and I'm sure there's more medical knowledge he didn't bother explaining, but it does put things into perspective. As human beings we have so many miles and miles of vein-age, I do not need what they took out.

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