Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bacon roast

So I went to a Bacon Roast this weekend. It's not my first Bacon Roast that I've ever been to, but I wanted to share. Ever been to a Bacon Roast? It's a real thing! This is from an article in Wikipedia about Szalonna (Szalonna is the Hungarian word for bacon):

"Szalonna is also popular among Hungarians as part of a sandwich. The szalonna is skewered on a rod and roasted over an open fire pit. Once it starts to sizzle and drip with grease, the szalonna is removed from the fire and the grease is allowed to drip onto a slice of freshly baked bread. The szalonna is returned to the fire and the process is repeated until the piece of bread is nearly saturated with grease. Sliced cucumber, red onion, sliced radishes, paprika, other vegetables, ground pepper, and salt are used to add flavor to the slice of bread, and then more drippings are followed to top it off. This dish was something of a peasants' food since the most important aspect was the szalonna fat, discarded by wealthier Hungarians."

The Ohio version of a Bacon Roast is to spear a slab 'o bacon, roast it over a fire, blot the drippings on a piece of pumpernickel bread (with or without salt/paprika/onions, as you prefer) and gnaw the cooked bacon directly off the spear as it cooks. It's definitely one of the more barbaric traditions I've ever participated in, but still . . . kind of fun. It's kind of like roasting s'mores over a campfire, I guess. But never in my life have I had a piece of chocolate as fattening as that bacon!

I couldn't eat the bread; it was too much for me. But the bacon just tasted like regular bacon, and I did have a small taste (i.e., not even the equivalent of a strip of breakfast bacon). It was good! Definitely a different experience to roast it over the fire.

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CINDER said...

One of my favorites!! Glad you got to experience it!

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