Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trip to Oregon May '09

Trip highlights!

We left Ohio Friday, May 8, at O'Dark Thirty (a.k.a. 6 AM) and arrived in Oregon by 11:15 AM. We had a whole day in front of us, but all we wanted to do was take a nap! No rest for the weary, though.

First things first, House of Teriyaki for lunch! My favorite part was that the gal that runs the restaurant (I wish I knew her name!) said to us, "It's been a long time!" Why yes, yes it has. Any chance of House of Teriyaki becoming a franchise and opening a store in Ohio? Unfortunately no.
Next order of business, REI's BIG SALE! We went in with the intention of only purchasing my sleeping bag, but somehow got suckered into a sleeping bag, self-inflating air mattress pad, and a backpack. How did that happen? We were trying so hard to stay on the cheap.

Off to my parents' house with prizes in tow, quick stop at the hospital to visit Grammy, then dinner with friends at McMenamins. Mmm, Ruby is the best! Ohio is really missing out. Called it a night at 9:45 PM.

Went hiking up Saddleback Mountain on Saturday; beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery, but why does it have to be straight uphill? Didn't make it to the top because we had to head back for quick lunch at Mexicali Express and then met everyone at the hospital.

Visited Grammy for a couple hours, then off to dinner at On the Border. Tasty guacamole for those that like guacamole, but nothing is as good as Mexicali Express. Back to the hospital after dinner to say goodnight to Grammy.

Mother's Day on Sunday! Got to see Mindy and Bill again, everyone was out for dinner. But first we all trooped up to the hospital! Homemade chicken stir fry and tilapia for dinner, followed by shots of tequila. I'll take the Almond flavored tequila, if you please. Back to the hospital.

Big gossip: found out an estranged family member came to visit Grammy! Just missed them though, drat.

Monday was big hiking day for Dan and his dad, and big running around day for me. While he was climbing over the river and through the woods, I made the last round of visits by driving hither tither and yon. Lunch at Mazatlan in Tigard (hither), coffee at Willamette Coffee in Oregon City (tither), dinner at PF Changs in Tualatin (yon). Rounded out by returning the impulse purchase from REI -- apparently Dan and I just can't do "on the cheap." But we tried.

Back to the hospital after hiking and hither-tither-yonning.

Last day in Oregon was just another o'dark thirty flight. When do we get to sleep in again?

I know the quality of this photo is really poor; unfortunately my camera phone is only 2 mega pixels, and the plane was moving so it was hard to keep my hand steady. But I really like the way the light is hitting Danny's face in this shot. We were so gosh-darned tired! Don't ya just want to kiss him?

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