Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ohio randomness

This was the most random thing ever. At about 8 o'clock at night on Sunday, June 7, Danny came running into the house and yelled, "Kate, get out here!" This hot air balloon drifted lazily over our farm. Check out the reflection in our pond!

You can't see them in the picture, the quality is too poor, but there were two cars waiting at the end of our road (almost directly underneath the balloon). We thought the balloon was going to land in our field! And perhaps that was The Plan, it kept flying lower and lower as it drifted southward (left to right in this photo). On the edge of our property line it just barely cleared our trees. When it was obvious the balloon was going to keep going, the cars took off (like Twister, chasing a tornado) and the balloon eventually just disappeared.

It was like a dream!

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