Thursday, June 04, 2009

Reckoning again

I keep having identity crises with the layout of my blog. I just can't settle! But I've figured something out: I don't like the way Blogger archives blogs. Say I have a friend that actually wants to read my blog. And say I tell this friend to read a particular post. You with me? I either have to remember the exact date that I posted it, or . . . ta da! New solution! I have labeled just about (but not all) of the posts the same as the title of the post. There are a few group labels (e.g., Pics, Pets, I'll always remember) and some may or may not have additional labels. None of the "I'll always remember" posts have a title-specific label; they are all just labeled "I'll always remember."

I think I've beaten this to death; I'm sure you'll figure it out. The only other thing I'm going to say is that I have two particularly favorite labels I hope everyone checks out: Grammar musings and I'll always remember.


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