Thursday, July 09, 2009

Another tool on the radio

I think the same jackass that I posted about who called into the radio after Michael Jackson died just called in about the 75-year-old woman who beat a fawn to death with a shovel.

Personally, I don't get all the hubbub. It's sick, sick, sick. And wrong, wrong, wrong. And I wouldn't have done it if the fawn was in my garden--I just would have felt blessed. But there are a lot of people out there that are sick and wrong do things I wouldn't do. It makes me sad that I'm saying that, because I think it means there are so many sickos out there, when someone does something sick I don't think it's newsworthy anymore. You know, it's not like she held a baby over the edge of a balcony (what are we going to do for news now that MJ's gone?).

Anyway, this guy called into the radio and said, "Would it have made a difference if she shot it instead?" The DJ asked where he was going with that, and then asked the caller, "Well, would you just shoot baby rabbits for no reason?" And this horrible, awful man responded, "Well, they're pests. If they're eating your garden . . . [and trailed off implying he was thinking If they're eating your garden, who cares? Or perhaps, they deserve it]." And then he said something that absolutely horrified me: "They're just animals. God meant for people to have power over animals. It says so in the bible."


Correct me if I'm wrong, but this bastard thinks it's okay to just run out and shoot or kill or beat animals to death if they're "inconvenient" because God said so? Pardon me, but what the BLEEPIN' hell? Really, that's what he thinks? Really that's his interpretation of the bible?! Really, he said that on the radio?

"Really?!" I exlaimed in a high, squeaky voice.

Why isn't there a stronger word to express my feelings? I'm appalled. I'm mortified. I'm infuriated. I'm thunderstruck. I'm scandalized. I'm revolted. I'm stupefied. I'm traumatized. These are all true, but none are quite right because I'm EFFIN' PISSED!

I'm disgusted.

So disgusted in fact, that I changed the station. Now I have no clue what kind of response the DJ had. Was he appalled too? Did he (oh horror!) agree? What kind of world am I living in that people can call into the radio and say that it's okay to beat animals to death with a shovel because God said so?!

I have so many outraged thoughts rolling around in my little brain that I don't even know where to start or how to get them all down. I wish I could talk to that chump, but honestly it's probably better that I not. He thinks he's entirely justified; we've got small town folk here, with small town thoughts. That's blunt, and mean, and a total stereotype. And I don't care! I'm mad, and I'm blaming small town mentality. Put that in your butt and smoke it.

Why do close-minded hillbillies* with small town mentality get to run around spouting their uneducated, ignorant thoughts, while I'm stuck being PC and educated and bottling up my feelings?

*Hillbillys? As a practically made-up word, I would have thought it retained the Y, but Blogger spell check says "ies" -- who am I to argue?

So go ahead, call me a snob for letting it all hang out there. Call me pretentious for saying a stereotype out loud (or, er . . . writing it, I suppose). Or, go the other way and call me a close-minded hillbilly for lumping one close-minded jerk in with all hillbillies and then saying all hillbillies are close-minded.**

**Doesn't that just make me a poor mathematician in an "If A equals B and B equals C, then A must equal C" type of way? Remember the overlapping circles in algebra class, and how the MUST was the killer of the sentence? Was I the only one awake in that class?

Calling me names isn't going to change the fact that the guy that called into the radio is the Bad Guy here, and the barbarity of his statement is far worse than any supposed, uppity, negative character points I may be racking up for generalizing. I'm a hillbilly, you're a hillbilly, we're all hillbillies . . . but he's the only creep that called into the radio and said ON AIR that it's okay for a 75-year-old lady to beat Bambi to death with a shovel because God said so.

I mean, how can I keep quiet about this? Just for fear of coming off as un-PC or arrogant? I'm not going to tacitly condone the beating of a baby deer to death just because of the anti-PCness of saying that hillbillies are close-minded.

I could be PC and not say it, but doesn't that just turn "being PC" into meaning that you don't get to say what you're thinking? Or, to the umpth extreme, that the only people who get to say what they think are the close-minded hillbillies? That's positively ridonkulous. I know, I'm deliberately misinterpreting and over-generalizing and uber-facetious-izing and whatever else, but I'm just so furious. I want nothing more than to tell this guy he's a debilitated burro rectum (that's PC for sicko asshole).

I'm just calling it as I see it.


Mindy said...

You need to quit listening to the radio. Perhaps a book on tape? I'm currently waiting for Twilight from the library.

Kate said...

Yeah, I think you're right. But my iPod is broken right now . . . it's a sore subject. I think I'll write a post about my experience at the iPod store; what a joke.

I have The Other Boleyn Girl ready to go as soon as my iPod gets fixed. Then I'm never listening to the radio again!

It does make for interesting blog material though.

Grace said...

Here! Here! Great rant! No problem with blogging what you get annoyed with! Lol

Lou said...

Yes the radio can infuriate you like this! Stupid idiot caller! Cool blog, you have a new follower :)

Kimberly Rebekah said...

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