Thursday, July 02, 2009


Does blogging about your nightmares purge you of them?

I had a doozy the other night, and I can't shake the yucky feeling.

I dreamt we gave our dogs away.

We had three dogs, for some reason. Georgie and Izzy, of course, and a third that actually looks like our neighbor's dog. I'm going to call it Corky for the purpose of this post, because it looked kind of like a Cocker Spaniel (and I'm not going to call it Cocky).

I was holding Corky, but Dan and I had all three dogs with us. And in the dream Dan and I talked seriously about whether or not we should actually have dogs, since we were going to be traveling to Oregon so much. We decided that we couldn't leave them cooped up alone (at this point in the dream, I could see our kitchen/dining room area where we currently keep our dogs). In the dream, we concluded that we should give the dogs away. I was crying.

It was such a horrible dream! Made worse by it's realistic touches. I could see our house, we do travel to Oregon, the dogs are left alone while we're both at work. I woke up heartsick and wondering if we still had Georgie and Izzy (and who the hell "Corky" was).

It's like when a horror movie is "based on true events" . . . that always freaks me out more than blood and guts and things popping out at me. I'm thinking of The Mothman Prophesies here; I'm still traumatized by that movie.

I'm so glad that there's a 3-day weekend coming up and that we can spend lots of time with our wonderful babies!

Look at Izzy's tail!

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