Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Papa Doodle!

I don't write about my husband much, but this is too cute to keep to myself.

My husband is a practical guy. He does not like spending money friviously. It has caused numerous arguments between us, since I adore spending money (opposites attract).

When it was time to pick out his wedding ring, he claimed he wanted the cheapest, plainest ring in the store. The plainest that was cheap, he said. I'll always remember: shopping for Danny's wedding ring. But we ended up getting a pretty awesome ring, and he really likes it.

This is my favorite part:

Danny doesn't always wear his ring around the house. He works outside a lot, he actually prefers to do the dishes (trust me, appropriate hen and rooster behavior has come up before), and often he will leave his ring on the windowsill over the kitchen sink. Oddly enough, that actually is the best, safest place for it because there isn't any chance of it getting knocked off (due to the layout of the kitchen; pretty much any other surface in the house is in knocking range of the cats. Did I mention Foof's other nickname, Grace? Not the most athletic cat that has ever walked on the planet).

Even though he doesn't generally wear his ring around the house, he prefers to wear it whenever he's out and about. But sometimes he'll leave for work and forget to put his ring on. And the cutest thing ever is he will turn around and come back for it!

One time when we were together, running late (as always), he realized at the end of our road that he had forgotten his ring. I think we were going to a movie? Anyway, he noticed that he wasn't wearing it and groaned aloud. He was so disappointed in himself! Then we had about a ten second "Should we or shouldn't we?" conversation about turning around. Since we were already running late I wasn't going to say anything if he decided to keep going--he always wears his ring, it was just an accident that he forgot it, and I told him it was okay not to wear it today.

We went back and got it.

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Julie said...

You two are seriously adorable. I get that way about my ring too and I've told Dave that if he needed to take off his ring at work I wouldn't care but he seems to keep it on (he's had a welding arc hit it before) bet that was fun. And in reference to your comment about my cheese looking at Dave's the door swings both ways in my house too the difference is that I only cringe when his steak-ums look at my food and I haven't been making those lately (thank god) I hate those stinky things!! but for him it's basically if anything I eat looks at his food he's weirded out. It's really funny he's such a child about it.

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