Sunday, September 20, 2009

A big fish at Niagra Falls

I've been so excited to write this post, but I've been wishing for the pictures from my digital camera. Sadly, our computer is fizzing out, so I have no way of getting the pictures off of the camera and into my blog until we get it straightened out. But I couldn't wait one more minute to write this entry . . . we had such a great time on our trip!

We went to Niagra Falls to celebrate our One Year Anniversary WOO HOO! It's important to add the WOO HOO like that.

We were going On The Cheap, which was fine because neither of us could take vacation so we were only going to be there for one night. In fact, if you did the math you'd realize we were there for less than 24 hours! We basically went up to Niagra Falls for dinner.

So, we booked our hotel room at the Embassy using reward points. The Embassy is relatively famous, mostly for this picture from their website:

HOT DIGGITY, that's what I had to say! Unfortunately, they don't let you book Falls View rooms using reward points. Well, that's okay, we said. We're going to go to The Keg for dinner. Also from their website:

And, we sat right about where that man is standing! It was GORGEOUS! I had the fillet Mignon, which was buttery smooth and so gooood. Nuts, they didn't have A-1 though. Pity!

Anyway, we weren't too disappointed by the fact that our room wasn't Falls View because we knew we were going to the restaurant with a view of the falls. But, when we checked in and went to our room . . . Falls View! Not perfect, but still pretty effin' awesome. Jacuzzi tub, king sized bed, and the cutest little seagull on our balcony. Yes, we gave him a pretzel.

The car ride up and back was pretty slick. It's been a long time since we've gone on a road trip together. We actually do pretty well on long car rides; some people just can't stand the road noise and the car food and the gross bathrooms, but I guess we just look past all that. The highlight was when we were talking about reading to each other out loud. We both decided that it is very nice when people read out loud to each other, either books or poetry, but we've never really done that. So, Danny made up his own poem, which he proclaimed enthusiastically somewhere at the two-hours-in-the-car mark:

The songbird sings
to the moon
as the flower
blossoms to the earth.

Good time, good times.

Our other favorite part was actually on the ride up when we went through customs. The customs agent was bored and severe, but Danny took it all in stride and just answered the questions. I sat there feeling guilty (I don't know why) and thanking goodness that it was Danny who was in The Hot Seat, and not me. I probably would have frozen up and panicked. Guilty conscience, I suppose. I'm like Meg Ryan from French Kiss, when she travels to France before she is officially a Canadian citizen.

Danny and the agent went back and forth, and I was impressed with how quickly he was able to respond. After the initial glance to verify our passports, she didn't even look at us, which is probably good because I was sitting there imagining all the things I might say that would unintentionally flag us as a Big Fish, mafia-style. Would they let us through? Would we have to turn around and go back home? Would we get taken in to be questioned by a man in a suit in the room with a one-way mirror? Is a shiny black car going to come squealing in and skid to a sliding stop behind us to keep us blocked in while seven cops come running?

Yes, I have an over-active imagination.

I could tell we were nearing the end of the tortuous ordeal, but then the customs agent asked us, "How much currency are you bringing into Canada?"

Well, as were only going to be there for one night, and we weren't going to be doing anything Touristy, Danny replied, "$80." Seemed like plenty to us, since all we really planned on using the cash for was toll roads.

The customs agent paused while she processed it, and looked up at Dan, and then looked at me to see if I was in on a joke. Then she just said, "That's it?" Thankfully it was one of the last questions she asked us because we barely held it together through the rest of the questioning, and started laughing as soon as we were able to drive away.

Apparently $80 didn't qualify us as a Big Fish.

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