Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our own popularity contest

I must say, Blake is a cool cat. I know I'm biased, but he is cool. Hip. Rockin'. Whatever, I never said I was cool.

Dan was joking around one day and said that Blake is the unpopular kid in school, the kid with glasses that no one likes.

It got me thinking about the popularity in our house, and I realized we've got the cast of Saved by the Bell living right in our own home.

Ernie: Most obviously, Ernie is Screech. The tag-a-long nerd, riding on the coattails of the cooler kids. He's lovable and funny in a klutzy tornado type of way . . . things just seem to happen to him and around him, and it never seems to be his fault.

Bunny: Kelly Kapowski, hands down. Not quite equal with Tiffani Thiessen's obvious beauty, but very similar in personality. Sweet. Goodie-two-shoes. Nice to everyone. Everyone loves her. You know the drill.

Izzy: Jessie Spano. Izzy is the take-charge, follow my lead, independent one. She's also so smart she crosses the line into ditzy.

Georgie: AC Slater. Georgie is a track star instead of a quarterback, but he does also enjoy wrestling. All muscle and no brains, plus he has the hots for Jessie.

Gazelle: Lisa Turtle. She doesn't live in the house, but it doesn't matter. Gazelle is without a doubt the prissy and high maintenance one of the group.

And finally, the one that started this whole thing:

Blake: Absolutely Zack Morris. Always coming up with "bright" ideas that backfire. He is the narrator for the show, always with the running commentary as a cartoon bubble dialogue box over his head.

"Everyone wants to be me!"

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Boomer Pie said...

Your gang sounds like a lively bunch. But who are you? The principal or their caring teacher?

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