Saturday, October 03, 2009

Have you ever felt like you were in a movie (part 2)

I received a comment on the post Have you ever felt like you were in a movie? asking what the fight was about and if there would be an explanatory post to follow.

Absolutootly! Always happy to oblige.

Unfortunately, I played it up a bit too much, and after all my hype the actual reason for the fight is going to be a bit of a letdown. Really it was just a "She said that he said that you said that I said" kind of situation, you know what I'm saying? Ha.

So. Simply stated: the gal that announced her pregnancy was insensitively vocal (to the point of gloating, said some) about her pregnancy in front of another gal that is allegedly having difficulty getting pregnant (but is not being vocal about it so very few people knew about her difficulty prior to The Event). After The Event, of course everyone knew, so I hope I'm not also being insensitive.

The second gal, Miss Quiet, didn't even say anything, but a third coworker, Miss Jerry Springer, flew off the handle to Miss Pregnant, attenpting to protect Miss Quiet but what in the end only resulted in putting Miss Pregnant on the defensive. And in Miss Pregnant's mind, the best defense is a good offense. So Miss Pregnant made a bunch of "I'm so betrayed," phone calls to Miss Quiet, and then Miss Quiet and Miss Jerry Springer both made calls back to Miss Pregnant and . . . yeah, I kind of lost track.

In the end, Miss Jerry Springer was the catalyst for it all. Miss Jerry Springer has been having some of her own issues going on (definitely not my business), but it made her not just "overreact," but instead have a reaction of immense proportions when this situation presented itself.

Can't say I've never been there: in a place where you want to (and possibly do) take your own garbage out on someone else. I'm sure there's no love lost between Miss Pregnant and Miss Jerry Springer, so I doubt that Miss J.S. has lost any sleep over Miss P's feelings, but still . . . it was pretty entertaining.

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