Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Year end project

I sent the following in an e-mail to my husband, partly because I think it's funny but also because it is the way his brain works.

I thought it was pretty clever, myself. Sorry about the formatting; I wish you could use the Tab button in the body of your posts. Or, if you can, then I haven't figured it out. So try and look past the weird spaces and carriage returns. Also, just in case you don't guess: I'm Mama, he's Papa. We're dorks.

Project Request

Priority: High
Project due: November 30, 2009
Project difficulty: Challenging/Advanced
Project objective: Complete all 8 tasks below
Materials required: Camera, REI tripod, patience
Project goals: All attendees come through the project without injury or dismemberment

Project leader: Mama
Required attendees: Papa, Mama, Blake, Bunny, Ernie, Izzy, Georgie
Optional attendees: Gazelle

Task 1 (Papa): Camera setup (technological skills required)
Task 2 (Mama): Everyone together on the couch (organizational skills required)
Task 3 (Bunny): Sit like a princess and fall asleep in a highly inconvenient location. Refuse to move.
Task 4 (Izzy): Lick all butts/faces in sight and make Papa and Mama laugh
Task 5 (Georgie): Wiggle uncontrollably until Papa and Mama start losing patience
Task 6 (Ernie): Refuse to cooperate until Papa and Mama start arguing
Task 7 (Blake): Run off and hide when Papa and Mama start yelling at everyone
Bonus task: knock something over on the way out
Task 8 (Camera): Take the picture using delay feature of digital camera

Success of project will be determined by ability to achieve the following: A horrible holiday picture in which few or none of the project attendees are looking at the camera or smiling, to be distributed with pride among family and friends in our first annual Newsletter.

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