Thursday, February 25, 2010

I think something is outside

My dogs have been barking like crazy off and on, and when they stop the house is quiet.  I hear the growl of a plane passing overhead, and I can see snow whisping past the window.  Were those footprints across the yard there when I got home, or are they new?

I'm not sure what it is out there, but it frightens me.


john said...

regarding your reply in the forum about deleting things, After I wrote the following it accured to me the he would probably delete it b4 you had a chance to see it :(

Kate I think you have to find nitecruzr and possibly litterly kiss his ass bigtime, for he has the power to delete anything his little mind desires
Best of luck to ya

john said...

regarding this post, Im glad to see that you are safe. Im saddened that in todays world that you need to feel unsafe in your own home, Now I hope you will be more vigilant of your surroundings to know if some tracks are old or new, purhaps they are yours:)

Also I heard on the radio the other night that cat,dogs and other animals act strange upto a few days before earthquakes, That might explain their behavior if your near chili, like california or tx:D

Pat Tillett said...

I'm not saying something wasn't out there, but it sounds like you have an active imagination. That should make for excellent blog entries!!

This entry could be an great start to a short story or book. Seriously!

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