Wednesday, August 25, 2010

365 Writing Exercises (the project begins)

I realize this has been done by many a blogger, but I'm considering it a personal challenge to do it myself. Come take a ride with me!

I'm going to create a list of 365 writing exercises, and then do them all.  That's right, my ambition knows no bounds.  Currently, I'm working on #105 of the list.  I'm not going to publish the list until I've got all 365 exercises . . . hopefully it won't take weeks and weeks, but I'm not making any promises.

Sometimes one exercise sparked an idea for another, but I hate seeing domino lists where a later one depends on a previous one. So although you may notice a theme that runs for several exercises at a time, you can still skip around or just skip one entirely and it shouldn't matter. That is to say, if you skip #X, then when you get to #X+1 you don't have to go back and do #X first. Anyhoo.

Wish me luck!

Oh, and as a side note:  If appropriate and if the exercise is unique, I'll cite my source. Cited sources will be denoted by an asterisks (with the full citation below in the footer). If you think I should have cited a source, the omission is entirely unintentional.  If no source is cited, that's either because it's a common exercise or variant used by many, or else I made it up!

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