Friday, August 20, 2010

Prozac progress

Unfortunately at this point I am unable to give a good report.  Further observation is needed, and in my opinion some of the testing equipment is faulty.

My husband and a few others have done some initial testing, and their general consensus is the house seems to smell "better."  They are wholly hopeful that the reek is slowly dissipating due to the fact that Mr. Prozac is no longer adding to the mess.

I'm doubtful, and I completely disagree about the alleged "improvement" of the stench.  Blake has only been on the Prozac for a few days--in my mind not long enough to notice a behavior change yet--and to me the house stinks just as bad as ever.

The pungency hits you like a fart as soon as you walk in the door.  I can feel my nostrils contracting and slowly pinching themselves off until the fine hairs inside seem to quiver and quake like autumn leaves about to drop.

I don't know if it's wishful thinking on my husband's part, or excessive sensitivity (okay, hypersensitivity) on my part, but either way . . . that carpet's gotta go.

You win, Blake.  Tomorrow, the project begins.


Post script:  I've been dreading the moment that I have to admit this:  Oh, the irony!

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Pat Tillett said...

remember, alcohol may intensify the effect...

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