Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Day 3 of the treadmill

My husband and I have been wanting and wishing for a treadmill for about two years, and last week we finally broke down, picked one out, and--lo and behold--purchased it!

Today is Day Three of our new world of working out in the comfort of our own home, and also the third day in a row of getting up before 6:00 AM without wanting to die.  I would lke to thank Steve Pavlina (whoever the hell he is) and his awesome post "How To Get Up Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off." 

All I can say is:  bravo.

I wouldn't say I'm an Early Riser yet, but I am--shockingly--at least on the right path.  Someday I might even break free from the relentless and interminable steel I'm a night owl and that's all there is to it trap.

In the three days since we've had the treadmill (I'm only counting from Monday even though the treadmill was delivered last week.  It was a busy holiday weekend and I didn't start using it in ernest until this past Monday), I have arisen by 5:55 AM each morning, worked out for 25 to 30 minutes, and made it to work, showered, on time (relatively speaking).  My goal wake up time is 5:30 AM, but didn't want to completely set myself up for failure, so I'm going to be sticking to 5:50 for a while.

Wish me luck!!

And, on a completely unrelated note:

Unsticker Three:  "Write about a nighttime walk through the woods. What happens? Who/what do you meet? What is the weather like? What sounds can you hear? Does anyone/anything see you?"

Read it here:

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