Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kelley's Island

Yesterday was a good day.

It was Dan's folk's anniversary, and we went out on the boat and to Kelley's Island, out on Lake Erie. It was my first experience with both the family boat and the island, so it was pretty cool.

We went with some friends of Dan's parents, and Dan and I played chauffeur the whole day. That means that Dan drove the boat and I drove the golf cart, but it was so fun. I've never been anywhere like Kelley's Island. It was neat to be somewhere where people can just drive their golf carts down the street. The whole place was like a carnival! It made me wonder what it would be like to live there permanently.

The island is quite tiny. We drove around the whole thing on a golf cart, and the boys took turns with a pedal bike because we could only find a 4-seater golf cart and there were 6 of us. Ha, Elaine tried for a few minutes, but her legs were too short, so mostly it was Dan and Ray. I'm glad they didn't make me take a turn because I think I would have humiliated myself; it's been so long since I've ridden a bike! I know they say you don't forget how, but I know I'm rusty at it, and I wouldn't want everyone watching while I re-learned.

So I got to drive the golf cart the whole time, which was fine with me! In fact, it was pretty fun. Kelley's Island is very beautiful, but I'm sure the winters are nasty there. We ate at this little restaurant called "Bag the Moon" that is famous for Brandy Alexanders and strawberry shots, so we had quite a few of both. I never felt drunk, but Elaine and I split an entire pitcher of Brandy Alexanders, so it's a good thing I was done driving the golf cart around. Then Dan bought me a shirt that says, "Bite Me Please; Home of the original strawberry shot." Except right after thanking Dan for the shirt, we both realized that Hey! It's my money too. So I thanked myself for the shirt too.

It was weird realizing that Dan wasn't really buying me a present, that it was my money too. For the longest time we've been living off of his paycheck, but now I'm contributing too. I think it struck a chord with Dan too that we are finally Team Clark for reals-reals.


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