Sunday, August 12, 2007

Plan D

Today Dan and I went to our company Beach Party.

It was out at Dr's house on Cedar Point, so it felt like we were looking at those roller coasters all weekend (since we were just there yesterday)! It was really fun though. It was cool having Dan there to meet all my new friends from work.

I still don't feel like there is really anyone at work that I will be friends with OUTSIDE of work. I will of course keep my options open and hope for the best, but I just don't see it happening. They are all so far away, most everyone lives in Sandusky, so the chances of doing anything after work is pretty slim. We're all tired and we just want to go home. I'm quite certain no one there thinks about me after they leave the office.


At the party Dan and I were sharing some of our plans and dreams with Melissa and her husband. We weren't really distinguishing between plan and dream, and it took everyone a while to realize that we were mixing Actual Plans together with Wishful Thinking.

I'm not sure if Dan and I know which is which, except for the obvious jokes (like that we're going to have a private jet to take us to Oregon). So the jet part is a joke, but we're both serious in our want and need for a second house in Oregon. We BOTH think of Oregon as our home. That was one joke (the jet) and one Plan (the house), and then we started in on how bad we both want a boat. We're not quite sure how realistic it is, but getting a boat and keeping it in Oregon is definitely a Plan for both of us. We'd have to keep it in Oregon because it is so much more of a recreational boat area there (rather than Ohio). And since we'll have a house out there someday, we just figure we'd keep it there. Makes sense to me! Of course both Dan and I realize that it is not something that will happen any time in the immediate future, so I said it's part of Plan D.

Plan "D" for Down the Road.

That got a big laugh, but I'm not sure why.

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