Monday, September 03, 2007

The Block Party

Dan and I went his coworker/friend's block party yesterday. It was pretty fun! His friend lives on a cul-de-sac, so it was a lot of families and little kids. The grown ups drank and the kids played. I think Dan and I weren't really sure where we fit in, with the grown ups or the kids.

They had hired a DJ that we will probably hire for our Ohio reception next year. He was all right, he definitely sounded good, but he tried to sing "La Bamba" and he didn't know the words, which I thought was odd. What kind of DJ would sing a song that he doesn't know the words to? Unfortunately when I've been drinking I have a little trouble with volume control, and I said (to Dan) that I probably know the words better than he does. Oops, because then they tried to make me sing it! Well, singing along with the radio is a lot different than jumping into the middle of a song that is in a different language. I stand by the fact that I DO know the words better, but he didn't start from the beginning, and he didn't sing his little "la la la's" with me, so I totally floundered. It was embarrassing! And no one thinks I know the words at all. Whatever, the DJ didn't even know the "Yo no soy marinaro" part. Good grief.

My favorite part of the night was just after that though. Dan and I were upstairs on the deck and he looked out at the lawn and he saw two little girls playing on the slight hill in a little red ride-a-wagon. They were probably both about 4 years old, if that, and he kept saying that it reminded him of when he was a kid because he used to play in a red wagon all the time. Next thing I know, he's gone and I look out and he's pulling both the girls up the hill and running alongside them when they go flying down the hill. It was absolutely ADORABLE. And a relief because he usually says that he doesn't like kids, which I didn't REALLY think was true, but still made me wonder because he always sounded so serious. Whatever, I knew when we were on our cruise that he actually likes kids, because even when he was swearing about the idiot teenagers taking up the pool (which IS rather annoying) when we were at lunch Dan was in the cross-fire of a little girl laughing and making faces at another little girl sitting at a different table, and he was totally smiling when he thought I wasn't looking. He's so full of it!

I asked him if his clock was ticking, and he got all embarrassed and said no. I think his no really meant yes. Hee hee!

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