Monday, September 03, 2007

Food critics

What is up with all the commentary on my eating habits? Good grief, don't people have anything better to do? EVERYONE comments on what I eat! Perfect strangers think it is not only appropriate, but welcomed (ha, fat chance) for them to make comments on every little thing I put in my mouth.

So, for all the food critics out there that feel the need to narrate What Kate Eats, this one's for you:

"Why do you always eat bagels?" Because I don't like sandwiches. Are you new?

"It's a pop tart morning!" So, I felt like eating a pop tart. The whole point of a pop tart is convenience, so sue me for not having enough time for breakfast. Doesn't that just make me an American?

"Ooh, vanilla coke!" It's a flavor available from Coke. Available at your local supermarket. Go buy one if you're so interested!

"You're eating chips!" Yes. And your point is . . . ?

"You're eating carrots!" Again, I see no reason for the commentary. I have never made this comment, or anything remotely close, to anyone my whole life. It has been made to me, with multiple variations, on uncountable occasions by a multitude of people. I don't get it.

"More noodles!" I like noodles. Consequently, whenever I eat a meal, a noodle might, JUST MIGHT, be included. That's what happens when you like a certain food: you eat it repeatedly.

"Didn't you eat a Cup 'O Noodles last week?" Okay, seriously folks. I don't remember what I had for breakfast, and you can keep track of what I had last week? Someone needs more stuff to do in their spare time rather than keep track of what I eat. If I wanted someone to keep track, I'd contact Jenny Craig.

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