Sunday, October 21, 2007

Blake and pumpkins are both orange!

Today was another Pumpkin Day. I love the fall so much . . . just when I think it can't get any better, the trees brighten to a redder shade, and the oranges start to come out, and there's a crispiness to the air that makes me remember things like walking to school with my Esprit bag and learning about pilgrims and turkeys and Christopher Columbus.

Dan had his hockey game today, and the whole way there and back we talked about the kids we're going to have. We talked about how we're going to raise them, and how funny it is that any child of ours will undoubtedly have the most bizzare dietary habits of anyone either of us have ever known. We decided that one rule will be that if we cook something and they don't want to eat it, then that's fine but they have to make their own nutritious substitute. Vegetables will be a big deal in our house, so hopefully our kid doesn't take up opposition to that. Veggies are the one thing that neither Dan nor myself are picky about, although I think I enjoy a larger variety of vegetables than he does.

It was fun talking about the kids we're going to have someday, even though I don't especially like the thought of the surgery I have to have first. And whenever we talk about children, we say kids-plural, but I am only game to carry one in my body, so we SHOULD be saying kid-singular. But I guess we've already got 3.5 kids (Gazelle, Blake and Bunny are the 3. We have basically lost custody of Dotty, but we have visiting rights, so she is the .5), so maybe we should just say kids-plural after all. Our orange child is sacked out on the couch right now as I type this; he is so cute. He has flattened the puffy pillow backing on that part of the couch, and his little paws stick out over the edge. He looks like a kid that has just fallen asleep after gorging on Halloween candy. All he needs is a candy wrapper under his cheek and milk dud stuck to his butt to complete the picture. I swear, he's smiling!

The only disappointing thing about living in the country is that since neighbors are so few and far between, we won't have any trick or treaters (unless the kids from across the street come over). I have such strong memories of Halloweens at Laura Court -- it's something I always assumed I'd get to do when I have my own house. I remember standing behind Daddy as he opened the door for zillions of trick or treaters, and the way we always used to keep track by tallying each person on a piece of paper taped next to the door. We had so many people come by! And I remember the year Scott scared those girls because he was playing dead on the porch swing; that was the first year he didn't go with me door to door. I remember stuffing myself into the Cookie Monster costume for as many years as physically possible. And going to Eastwood in my witch's costume. So I'm really sad that we won't have any trick or treaters, and I'm really sad that I won't be able to take my kids trick or treating. Well, I take that back.

Maybe Halloween will become the traditional time to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Oregon!

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