Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'll always remember: the first time I rode Gazelle . . .

It was the first time I rode in my hunt seat saddle, too. I was trying it out before we bought it, and I don't remember why we decided I would try it on Gazelle. I think it was because she was available for lease, and she was after the Missy and the George fiascos. I can still see Janet and Rocky's outdoor arena (remember? Before we moved the indoor arena to their property? Back in the day!). It was a bright, sunny day (like all the pictures of me riding Fever, with the big blue sky). And she scared me to death! No one warned me that she was such a mover, and it shocked me. I thought she was running away with me!

It's funny how it went from that to me, Becky, and Emily tearing around on Liberty, Shanendoah, and Gazelle. I'll never forget the sight of Becky's black ponytail when we were trot-racing. Becky was riding Gazelle, and I think I was on Shanendoah, but whoever I was on Becky was totally winning and she bee-bopped her head from side-to-side and sang out "Doo, dee-doo, dee-doo!"

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