Friday, November 16, 2007

The vacation looms

My trip to Oregon is so close, I can almost taste it! I'm so excited to see my family, friends, and hometown. I think it will feel very weird though. I've never been away this long, so I think I will feel like a stranger. I guess it's probably a cliche because I think everyone that leaves home feels that when they come back, but it's new to me, so give me a break.

I only have to get through the rest of today, tomorrow, and on Sunday I make the drive down to Columbus to spend the night with Dan's brother and almost-sister-in-law. They will take me to the airport on Monday, and then I'm just a hop, skip, and a jump away from home.

It's so hard to believe it's November, almost December! I've never been away from home at Christmastime, so I'm really nervous about how that's going to feel. I'm excited to come up with new traditions with Dan, we've already got a new holiday started called Orange Leaf Day, but I think it will be so sad to be breaking the old traditions. Gasp! I just realized, this will be the first year I don't leave milk and cookies out for Santa! I wonder if Dan would think to leave the empty plate and glass out if I left it for him. Too bad we're not in our house though . . . at least we have a fireplace there. I guess I can clue him in my saying how disappointing it is not to have a fireplace for the milk and cookies, and see if he can take it from there. It isn't cool if I have to tell him what to do.

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