Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dry as a bone

Well, it's official. Oregon is the very best state to live in as far as the weather goes. I know THE WINTER BLAST just finished up pelting them with snow, but still . . . Oregon weather far surpasses Ohio weather.

It's all in the humidity. Ohio just can't get it right! In the summer, you're wringing wet from the humidity. In winter, it's so dry your skin flakes away from the bone and blows away in the hurricane force winds. I looked at the average temperatures and other weather information on Weather.com, and the precipitation graph spells it out the best: the graphs are completely opposite from each other. The graph is a timeline January to December, left to right. Hillsboro's highest precipitations are like bookends, very high in January/February and November/December. Ohio's precipitation is a bell curve with the highest point dead center in June/July.

So basically my body is used to being yin'ed and now it's being yang'ed. Or maybe the other way around, I'm not sure which.

How is a person supposed to adjust to a change like that? It gets so cold her that when I step outside I feel like I'm Harry Potter with a dementor sucking on my face. The air just gets squeezed out of my body, right along with the moisture. My hands and knuckles are all red, and my legs look like the scales of a dessicated mermaid.

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