Monday, December 29, 2008

Regina and Ken again

As a post script to the previous novella, I am writing to give the world an update on my dear friends Regina Phalange and Ken Adams.

At the end of the last entry regarding Regina and Ken, they were having a difference of opinion regarding the proper behavior of hens and roosters. There was also an added spice of "mommy's boy" thrown in for extra flavor. When our story concluded last time, Regina was on her way to needing a straightjacket, and Ken was throroughly entangled in his mommy's apron strings.

Luckily, Regina didn't have to strangle Ken with the apron strings (have I killed this metaphor yet?) to clue him in. As the story played out Regina was able to hang her straightjacket back in the closet. Ham appeared by magic back onto the menu. Ken offered to grocery shop for whatever she needed for the meal and asked for a list from her. But he was just being helpful as Regina still had to do some Christmas shopping to do. Ken worked on his Honey Dew list on his day off, and completed almost every task.

The two of them also had a heart to heart about appropriate hen and rooster behavior. For some reason, it seemed to stick this time. Probably because the straightjacket was still within easy reach.

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