Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Guardians and protectors

At least while I'm recovering I can feel comforted that I have someone watching over me! Bunny is such a big help; she is very concerned with the quality of sleep I'm getting.

She sits by my side every day all day to make sure nothing bad happens to me. She loves having her mama home all day!

Blake, on the other hand, is like my drunk look-out scout. In this picture, it looks like I changed the aspect-ratio and somehow squished his head. That is not the case. He is so sacked out, he's squishing his own head against the pillow (the pillow that is under the blanket which is why you can't see it). His only concern is about the quality of the pain meds I'm getting. Side note: There is supposed to be a sound effect with this picture. If you don't hear it, it might be your computer.

"Dude. This is groovy, man!"

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