Monday, July 20, 2009

Georgie's story

George "Georgie" Bernard Shaw, named after the author of Pygmalion.
Georgie is a pipsqueak. He's just a little guy!

There is something about his face and his eyes that is so little, so tortuously cute, it kind of breaks your heart. Breaks your heart because you just want to snuggle him all day . . . he must need it to keep his cute meter up.

Unfortunately, he's much too energetic for that kind of crap. He'll let you hold him for 10 seconds if you're lucky (if not--only five seconds). Then he wiggles and jerks and contorts himself into the most unbelievable shapes until you HAVE to set him back down.

Of course, he immediately starts jumping in front of you like he wants you to pick him back up.

We call Georgie our little Mexican Jumping Bean. He has springs in his legs, and as soon as he hears you rattling your keys to get in the door, he starts boinging. We don't use our front door, we come into the house using a side door that goes to the kitchen. In our kitchen, we have installed an automatic sensor light that senses motion and turns on as soon as you walk into the room. I assume was invented by a person with pets who did not want their dogs turning the light on every time they walked into a room, because it does not register the dogs walking across the kitchen to greet us as we walk in. But the funny thing is that Georgie gets so excited and jumps so high that he triggers the light and turns the light on for you before you even walk in the door!

Georgie is not content with just using the floor for bouncing. He has also discovered it is the mostest fun to use humans as vertical trampolines. Men in particular have a squishy spot mid-level that is the perfect to jump at and then use to spring backwards. Most of our male guests do not appreciate this, but Georgie finds it immensely funny.

Especially if when the gentleman in question is doubled over and Izzy licks him in the face. It's a warzone at our house.

The cutest thing ever is that Georgie is so wiggly, he actually wiggles mid-air when he's bouncing. He always jumps high enough to get a wig in, but sometimes he's in the air long enough to get a wig and a wag. That is really funny. He's like some sort of demented gymnast.

It takes a lot to get The Georganator tired, but once you do . . . when you pick him up to snuggle he'll lay his head on your shoulder and sigh. It's as if he's saying, "Hold me!"

Georgie is the most compact tornado that has ever existed . . . rather than wind, it's love that boils and surges around him. You can almost see the love oozing out of all of his pores, like a cartoon drawing of Pig Pen. It just surrounds him like a cloud. Izzy has it too. When we come home from work, come in from working outside, or come in from getting the mail . . . he hears you opening the door and comes running with joy, a happy smile on his face. How does he know it's us? Neither of the dogs bark at me or Dan when we come home, yet they can't see who's at the door. But when strangers come those clever dogs start barking "Alarm! Alarm!" And I know they can't see who it is -- they're across the room!

Poor little Georgie's only drawback is that he has Small Man Syndrome. When Georgie first meets new people, he is always very fearful and worried. He barks and acts half-tough, half-tail-tucked while he's trying to figure out what the New Person is all about.

One of Georgie's favorite pastimes is when we finish a half-rack of pop. When you pull out a can from under the cupboard, and he's there waiting, just in case It's Time. When it's the last can we give him the empty box and he grabs it and runs off with his head in the air, jubilant. He prances around the dining room with it, tripping and stumbling over it the whole way, and then . . . Ding dong, the box is dead! He completely demolishes it, rips it apart, shakes his head from side to side. The poor box never had a chance.

When we take him outside to go to the bathroom, he looks more embarrassed than any other dog I've ever seen. He turns and checks on the progress as it's coming out, which is disgusting and funny at the same time. I don't know if he's fascinated or just can't wait for it to be over. He looks confused, that's for sure.

Georgie could have stood in for Bolt, no questions asked.


Grace said...

That's awesome! Great pet story!

Julie said...

He's adorable.

Julie said...

Oh BTW I love the fig leaf that's great!

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