Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Year end project (part 2) completed

Project reviewYear end project

Project details
Completion date:  2/19/10
Deadline met:  No
Status:  Success

Success of project will be determined by ability to achieve the following: A horrible holiday picture in which few or none of the project attendees are looking at the camera or smiling, to be distributed with pride among family and friends in our first annual Newsletter.

No prep.
When the day presented itself that the project could finally be attempted, the project attendees switched roles and caused major confusion from a managerial perspective.

Task 1:  Camera setup
Notes:  This item was scheduled to be completed by Papa, using a tripod.  Perhaps this could have happened if we'd actually prepared and planned for the project to take place prior to the moment captured below.  Due to the spur of the moment nature of the project attempt, it was Mama that ended up completing this task, sans tripod.

Task 2:  Everyone together on couch.
Notes:  This item was to be completed by Mama, but unfortunately due to fussing with the camera, the mutiny was handled by Papa instead.  There was an indication of insubordination.

Task 3:  (Bunny) Sit like a princess and fall asleep in a highly inconvenient location. Refuse to move.
Notes:  Accomplished by Blake instead.  Refusal to move had more to do with being frozen in fear (as opposed to laziness or being too comfortable to move).

Task 4:  (Izzy) Lick all butts/faces in sight and make Mama and Papa laugh.
Notes:  Over-achiever Izzy never has to be told twice.  Performed to perfection.

Task 5:  (Georgie) Wiggle uncontrollably until Mama and Papa start losing patience.
Notes:  By happenstance, this project goal was achieved by multiple project representatives.  All except Blake had a wiggle.  The "losing patience" aspect of the task was deemed inappropriate for the project and replaced with extreme annoyance.

Task 6:  (Ernie)  Refuse to cooperate until Papa and Mama start arguing.
Notes:  A last minute substitution was required due to non-performance of a normally disobedient member.  When the original participant diplayed unusual signs of cooperation, Project Associate Bunny took over the burden of rebellion and executed her defiance effortlessly.  Merit prize awarded for unsightly body position as demonstrated in the photo below.  Note the impossible leg contortion.

Task 7:  (Blake)  Run off and hide when Papa and Mama start yelling at everyone.  Bonus task: knock something over on the way out.
Notes:  Was fulfilled by Bunny and Ernie immediately upon completion of Task 8.  Bonus points awarded for expedience.

Task 8:  Take the picture using delay feature of digital camera.
Notes:  A special honorarium is available for payout to project officials Mama and Papa for overlooking the disaster on the coffee table in the foreground and the woven wood blinds in the background.  Kudos granted from the committee.

Summation and analysis
With the exception of not meeting the proposed deadline, all goals (primarily, that all attendees come through the project without injury or dismemberment) were met satisfactorily and our pride is insurmountable.

Merry Christmas from our family


Pat Tillett said...

I like your blog even better now that I know you have cats (and lot's of 'em)
good job...

Linda said...

I am impressed that everyone is in the camera shot! We have just two dogs and one cat and only one would have sat still for us- and it isn't the cat.

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