Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gold Star for: Bunny!

Bunny is a little princess!  She gets a Gold Star.

We keep Bunny shaved because she honestly seems to prefer it that way.  When her hair gets too long, she mopes around the house and her fur starts looking greasy because she can't keep up with it.  Although when she first gets shaved she looks a little silly--we call her a Fooferdoodle because she looks like a poodle--once you get used to it you'll notice that she is much happier with her bobbed haircut.  She skips around the house joyfully and is more active period.  She smiles more often.

At any rate, this past weekend I took her in for her regular grooming appointment.  Her groomer is a gal that used to partner up with my veterinarian but has since branched out and now runs her own business.  She broke away from the vet probably a year and half ago, and we've been loyal customers ever since.

It wasn't easy to remain loyal because I never knew her name or even met her when she worked at the vet.  The staff at the vet's ran the show and I would just drop Bunny off and pick her up later.  Every time they'd ask, "Does she need sedation?  Is it okay to give it if she does?"  And I would say, "Nope, and yes."  But Bunny never needed to be sedated.

Skipping back to the topic of the groomer branching out on her own . . . At last I figured out her business name and number and I gave her a call.  I told her who I was but didn't expect any bells to go off in her mind since I knew we'd never met.  I described my "gray foofy cat" to her and she said, "Sure!  I remember her.  I'd be happy to make an appointment for you."

And that was that.  For the past year and a half we've had steady appointments, but it was only just this past weekend that I found out the rest of the story.  I've noticed before that the groomer, with her new office and big sign proclaiming her services and the fees for each one, did not have any cat services listed.  I thought that was a little odd since I was there with my cat, I just dismissed it and never thought much about it.  Until over the weekend when I asked if she'd also groom my mother-in-law's cat (who she did once in the past, while she still worked at the vet).  Her answer shocked me:

She doesn't do cats!

But . . . Bunny is a cat!  Well, I guess the truth of the matter is that if someone calls in to make an appointment, she refuses to groom cats!  She has no prices listed because it's not a regular service that she provides!  She charges me her old rate from when she worked at the vet, but will not take on any new cat clients!  She hates grooming cats (they're wiggly and have skin like paper).

But, get this!  She's glad to groom Bunny and (apparently) one other cat.  They are the two exceptions to her rule:  Bunny, a.k.a. Princess, and this other unknown cat are IT!

I'm so proud.

Even the dogs know it's a sin to disturb the Princess.
Wiggle-worm-Georgie, who leaves bruises on me from his pointy, pokey,
inconsiderate feet,
will wait until she decides to get up and leave.
Neither dog will sniff her or bother her, and just crowd
together until the bed becomes available.
Too funny.

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