Monday, August 30, 2010

Prozac progress (part 2)

Update to Prozac progress

I'm frightened even to hope, but I think it is notable that for the past few days there have been three pees in the litterboxes.

I suppose I should point out that when the pee parade began a few weeks ago, the first thing I noticed was that the usual pee count in the litterboxes went from three (one for each cat) to two (but we still have three cats!).  I didn't notice at first because although I clean the boxes DAILY (without fail), I don't always clean them at the same time each day.  So two pees instead of three isn't necessarily a big deal because maybe I'm cleaning the boxes early and one of the cats went late the day before.  Typically, if I only see two pees then the next day there will be four pees.

In theory.

Unfortunately, it's not an exact science and I don't always remember to count.  Then the Pee Fiasco started at the beginning of this month, and the counting was a moot point . . . the house reeked so bad it didn't take a detective to figure out that of course he wasn't peeing in the box.

At all.

This whole adventure, while nauseating and seemingly endless, has only been about a month long affair.  It took the first two weeks of August to figure out Blake had turned into a pee monster, get him scheduled for an appointment at the vet and tested for a bladder infection (negative!), and subsequently start treatment.

As of tomorrow, he will have been on treatment for two weeks.  (Again, it's not really Prozac, but it is an antidepressant for humans. I can never remember the name--uh, starts with a B?--calling it Prozac is easier for me.)

For humans, it takes four to six weeks for results to start being noticeable.

Therefore, my conclusion is that the two week mark is an entirely respectable point to start noticing an improvement.  Which is to say, I still may find evidence of "unwanted elimination," but hopefully it will start tapering off and soon disappear altogether.

I hope, I hope, I hope.

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Pat Tillett said...

I hope it all works out okay. for both you and your kitty...
I'm really happy to see that you care enought about your cat to go to all this trouble...

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