Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Good times at Wal Mart

There is big news with Gazelle: we moved to a different barn! It is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Just completely unbelieveable. The indoor arena is 70 x 200, with awsome sand footing that they actually drag and water (not that it needs watering) on a regular basis. It is such a treat!

I was really unhappy at the barn where we first moved Gazelle. It was really small (both a small operation, and a small facility), and the owner/operator didn't listen to what I said about Gazelle's care. He changed her hay to a grass/alfalfa mix (grrr, that made me really mad) without telling me, and he also started mixing in some of his grain when she was off a few weeks ago (We figured out it was because she was low-grade anemic. Whew! Simple problem with a simple solution: she's on a supplement and doing much better). Anyway, so changing her feed around was the last straw, but I didn't know where to move her until (this is funny) I met a gal at Wal Mart!

I was standing in line after going out to the barn (the old barn, I should say) and I was completely covered in dust, when all of a sudden I realized that the woman in front of me in line was wearing breeches too! We both noticed at the same time and we had a good laugh. But then she started telling me all about her barn, and I started getting really excited because it sounded so great. We exchanged numbers, and a couple days later she called to let me know she was there, so I went out and looked at it and we had Gazelle moved within a week!

I swear Gazelle KNEW we were going to a better place! Either that, or moving her across country finally cured her of her loading problems. Whatever it was, I haven't seen her walk that calmly into a trailer in about 10 years (since she had the sight in both of her eyeballs). Poor thing, we were having a heat wave the day we moved her, and she was a ball of sweat when we finally arrived. But she settled right into life in Paradise, and I'm much happier (riding almost every day!).

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