Monday, December 31, 2007



I plan on creating a new word. My favorite word right now is foofaraw, so I guess it could be considered a legitimate spin-off. They don't really mean the same thing though, so I guess not. But a new word will be my contribution to the world. Because don't we always need more words? What do they say about love? One word isn't enough to describe it? Something like that . . . I'll have to look up the quote I'm thinking of. It escapes me at the moment.

But that's really a really serious topic, and although I am being serious about my desire to create a word, I am not trying to get all philisophical right now.

This one's for you, Webster:

Foof, n., v., (plural: foofs): foof, foofs, foofed, foofing
Noun: A loved one, especially a pet or lover. She asked if he had given the foofs their dinner. Can be used in place of a name, but when used in place of a name, should be capitalized. Can Foof come out and play?
Verb: To stroke, make love to, to show affection, i.e., not necessarily in a sexual manner or with sexual context. The man asked the woman if she wanted to foof on the couch (i.e., snuggle on the couch), or She demanded he come and foof her (e.g., give a backrub, put arm around).
Other examples: Have you been foofed yet today? The dogs are foofing right now. The cat foofed me for an hour.

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