Monday, July 27, 2009

This time it was the DJ

When will I ever learn?

Listening to the radio (again) and not enjoying it (again). This time it was the DJ that ticked me off.*

*It's not just one station. Obviously if there was just one station that made my veins pop I'd just remove it from my pre-programmed list. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I'm a flipper, and half the time I don't even know which station I'm even listening to.

He was complaining about his wife. He said she dresses up nice for work, but as soon as she gets home she changes out of the nice clothes and into sweats or lounge pants or whatever.

Now, I know the radio is all about razzing people, razzing yourself, and razzing in general. This not going to be a post about a DJ complaining. Ha, I was going to say "complaining about his wife," but really any DJ complaining about anything is not post-worthy. All they do is complain!

But no, it's the content of his complaint; that's what I have a beef with. I wanted to call in and give him the what-for, but . . . only hillbillies do that.**

**No, really I just didn't have the phone number or the motivation to find the number. I'd rather complain about it in a post. Har har.

Now, I'm just a TAD sensitive to this topic, having been accused of the exact same thing by my husband. The difference is I don't change into sweat pants, and I don't really dress up that much for work either. So changing out of khakis into jeans, or (on occasion) into my pajamas a little early, doesn't seem to me to be that big of a deal. I went out and got some leggings though, which look much cuter than PJ bottoms, and allow me feel more comfortable in my own home.

Anyway, my own life isn't really the point here. We've worked it out; I just got all fired up because the DJ was just so unrealistic about life.

I wanted to ask him: how much do you fix yourself up for her?

Am I wrong? This seems to be a common theme for the men species: they like to complain about the ladies not fixing ourselves up, but what on earth do they ever do to fix themselves up for us? I think, grammatical paroxysms aside, it's a fair question.

He said something about the kids (an obviously insincere token toward fairness that her baggy clothes are somehow justified by her taking care of the kids)(he totally didn't mean it), but I really wanted to ask him: when was the last time you took your wife out on a date? When was the last time he took her on an official, pre-planned, not on a non-work day, the babysitter has been arranged, "Let's go to dinner at This Particular Well Known Fancy Restaurant" type of date? I mean, good grief, buddy. Get a clue.

That's the other difference between this DJ's asshole comment and my wonderful husband: at least he takes me out on a date every once in a while. We're both homebodies, so we don't go out a lot, but we prefer doing things on the cheap, so it's not a problem. But the DJ's wife obviously cares about her appearance enough to make an effort for her coworkers; why doesn't the DJ turn the pointing finger on himself and ask why she isn't putting the effort in for him? What could he do to make her want to put the effort in?

I don't think bitching about it on the radio is the appropriate solution here. Take some responsibility, bucko.

What a tool.

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Julie said...

I agree the male population seems to be lost when it comes to this kind of thing. My husband has never said anything about if I change into lounge pants or shorts when I get home but if we are going out and I have it in me to get dressed up he comments how nice I look. I think he just doesn't want to have that argument. Let us be honest he comes home from a long day at work and showers and immediately (and I do mean immediately) changes into his PJ's. I'm not offended. If he's comfy then I don't care and if we go out he's moderately dressed up the man owns nothing but jeans, swish pants and basketball shorts. At least he changes into the jeans before we go out. :-)

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