Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Inspiration soup or pie or some other food

Sometimes you really have to work for your inspiration, and other times you suddenly realize it's sitting right in front of you. Licking its butt.

I've been flatlining lately, and I've got to dig myself out of a hole. I think I've been making it too hard. All I need to be inspired is right in front of me. There are ingredients left half-hazardly on the counter, hiding in the back of the pantry, misplaced in the veggie crisper instead of the fruit crisper, and strewn across the counter--that damnable line of crumbs (when was the last time anyone had toast?!). My job is to throw the good stuff together, the interesting stuff, the unique stuff, and come up with a tasty concoction. Not a bowl of crap.

Mmmm, mmmm, good.

You look worried!

Tell me, what's wrong? You think I'm going to eat one of the pets because I'm using their pictures to demonstrate my Inspiration Pie?! Gasp!

That's just gross. Of course not!! You need to relax.

That's right. Now curl up with your bankie, and I'll explain the Inspiration Pie.

Okay, my ingredients are my pets after all, but only their personalities. The little pieces of their personalities come shining through sometimes, and when I look at them, I have to write. I have to share it with the world, show you what I see. So you will believe that I'm not crazy, nor yet obsessed, but merely . . . observant, I am thinking?

It's the anthropomorphist debate all over again, but I will never understand how a person could look at these photos and not see these traits:








These are simply the ingredients of inspiration, and no matter where you find them (sneaking up on the counter looking for the random crumbs, or sprawled across the bed or the floor or the couch), there really is only one thing left that you can do with all these fixin's:

Feast, feast, feast until you pass out, completely sassified.

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