Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things I'd never done until I moved to Ohio

For the most part, these sentences begin with the phrase, "Until I moved to Ohio, I had never . . . ." It doesn't always work out grammatically, and I know if each item is supposed to be a continuation of that phrase then they shouldn't be capitalized, but what are we . . . grammar freaks or something?

And finally! Until I moved to Ohio, I had never:


Julie said...

OK I've got to say I am slightly shocked by the pumped your own gas one. Unless my husband is in the car with me I have been pumping my own gas since I was 18. And the amish person one that suprises me too but, as I only know Ohio I guess I am a bit sheltered.

Kate said...

Crazy, I know, about the gas pumping thing. It's still weird to me! Oregon is one of the last full-service states, I think. And whenever we traveled to Washington or California (both with self-serve gas stations) it just didn't come up (probably because I wasn't driving).
As for Amish people: seriously, remember the Wonder Years reference? I'm VERY sheltered in some respects!
Fireflies: don't go over the Rockies, I believe. Something like that. So they're just . . . NOT there.

Mahmood said...

Very long list. Your blog is very nice. God is Great. Best wishes.


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